AI in Hiring, Use Case #4: Leverage Predictive AI for Individualized Onboarding

February 7, 2024

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Bhargav Brahmbhatt

The hiring process doesn’t end at a signed offer letter: 46% of new employees will churn within 18 months on the job, after all. Hiring needs to seamlessly roll into onboarding and development, and businesses need clear and compelling approaches to new-hire ramp-up to prevent regrettable attrition. 

In an ideal world, this means onboarding journeys tailor-made to every new hire, and a combination of AI and behavioral insights are invaluable here. AI serves up not only a predictive score, but also actionable insights concerning each new hire, with targeted growth areas and suggestions on how to manage and collaborate with new hires to maximize hiring outcomes.

Predictive data allows managers to personalize early conversations with new hires and fine-tune each ramp-up plan thanks to signals on strengths, gaps, career interests, working styles, and more. This is especially helpful intelligence for first-time managers preparing for how new hires might fit into the team, and for more experienced managers to accelerate time-to-productivity. 

Individualized onboarding guides play up each hire’s singular strengths, proactively address their gaps and growth areas, and allow managers to lean into each employee’s work motivations, invest in their career growth early, and know how to best support them along the way. Tuning onboarding plans to AI-assisted assessment feedback also means employees stay longer in previously high-turnover roles. 

AI-powered outcomes with TRACY:

  • Snapdocs decreased time-to-productivity by 25% 
  • B-Stock reduced 90-day attrition and misalignment rates
  • Verana Health reduced first-year attrition rates, which were previously above industry average
“We cut our time-to-fill in half and I’m not sure we would’ve been able to onboard all our hires in the necessary, timely fashion without Searchlight.”
- Brandon Jackson, Technical Recruiting Manager @ B-Stock
“Searchlight adds so much depth of information for a reference. You can not only use it to make a hiring decision, but also as a tool for the person’s growth plan after you’ve hired them.” 
- Rich Adao, former Global Head of Technical Recruiting @ Udemy
“With Searchlight, our managers instantly know a couple of areas where they can coach a new hire from the get-go, and other areas where we can leverage that person’s strengths from the start. We can paint a more accurate picture of the qualities of our high performers.”
- David Wiedeman, VP of Enterprise Sales @ Udemy 

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AI-powered recruiting is proving to be indispensable for talent acquisition teams wanting to add a layer of efficiency in their hiring processes—and ridding them of unconscious biases. 

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Bhargav Brahmbhatt

Head of Marketing

Bhargav, our Head of Marketing, blends storytelling and customer empathy to drive business growth. Special flair for bringing new products to market.

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