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Hiring should be
win-win for everyone.

We strive to instill confidence in making sound talent decisions because that’s what both organizations and candidates deserve. It’s time to inject talent strategy with the same level of rigor as business strategy.

Our story

Twins Anna and Kerry Wang decided to create Searchlight soon after they graduated from Stanford, with BS and MS degrees in computer science and artificial intelligence. They had accidentally ended up with the same resumes - same schools, same companies. During their own job searches, they saw how organizations struggled to evaluate their unique competencies, working styles, and strengths.

They believed that if they solved this talent data problem, it would not only help candidates feel understood, it would also be game-changing for companies needing to build diverse, winning teams. They started their journey with Y Combinator and have since been recognized by Forbes 30 under 30.

We believe

Hire for Anniversary date, not Start date. Employee experience starts with Candidate experience.

You manage what you measure. Companies need to measure Quality of Hire so they can hire better.

The employer-employee relationship should be increasingly personalized, supportive, and well-matched.

Companies should hire based on strengths and abilities, not lack of weaknesses or credentials.

Anyone can thrive when set up for success in their ideal environment.

Put People First

Play Bigger

Seek First to Understand

Turn Pennies into Hours

Be Owners

Win with Integrity

Continuously Improve

Our Advisors
Greg Russell
Greg Russell
Head of Talent
Jessica Yuen
Jessica Yuen
CPO, Gusto & Couchbase
John Foster
John Foster
CPO, TrueCar & Hulu
Jeff Diana
Jeff Diana
Chief People Officer, Calendly
Shauna Geraghty
Shauna Geraghty
SVP People, Talkdesk

We build talent software to understand people with data.

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