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We help companies build and nurture the best, diverse teams.

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After talking to hundreds of people and talent leaders, we learned that 80% of hiring decisions come down to gut instinct and 89% of mis-hires result from a lack of behavioral fit. Soft skills are also the most difficult to assess with existing hiring processes. We need better signals to increase the predictive validity of interview processes.

With the rise of platforms like Linkedin and Indeed, exceptional candidates struggle to stand out and hiring teams struggle to cut through the noise. And while marketing teams have Marketo and sales teams have Salesforce, recruiting teams lack tools to augment their internal assessments and get the full picture of every candidate.

Searchlight's mission-focused team has always preferred to let our past performance speak for us. We are building a platform to facilitate performance-driven hiring at scale.

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Put Users First.

Seek First to Understand.

Win with Integrity.

Be Owners.

Learn Collaboratively.

Stretch pennies
into hours.

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