AI in Hiring, Use Case #3: Instantly Surface Top Candidates — And Reduce Bias

January 16, 2024

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Bhargav Brahmbhatt

Rooted in behavioral data, AI can serve up recommendation scores with predicted candidate performance and a quantified culture match. TRACY surfaces a stack-ranked list of top candidates in your pool, alongside a prediction score. The shortlist of standout talent, tailored to your organization’s particular culture—and therefore most likely to succeed with you—cuts quickly through the noise and takes the guesswork out of team alignment.

The AI also provides teams with structured, visual candidate data such as peer rankings, quantified soft skills, career interests, strengths and gaps, growth areas, competencies, and working styles. 

The result? Hiring teams reduce the number of candidates that need to be interviewed, and spend time in meaningful discussions with the talent most likely to succeed at their organization.

By predicting post-hire performance, TRACY is an AI that gets 4 out of every 5 hires right (as opposed to the 1 out of every 5 hires traditional interviews get right). That means organizations working with AI can hire four times as many top performers.

Here’s what else AI allows for:

  • Make 4x better hiring decisions by “getting it right” over 80% of the time
  • Prevent 3 out of every 5 mishires by proactively detecting candidates likely to be low performers at your organization
  • Reduce attrition rate by 25% through downstream effects on retention
  • Reduce time-to-fill by 40% by surfacing the most qualified candidates 
  • Lower cost-per-hire by 20% through new recruiting efficiencies
  • Satisfy hiring managers by presenting them only the best candidates
  • Bring a new level of decisive confidence to hiring teams, empowering them to take risks, move faster… and succeed

“There were times when interview feedback almost made us pass on a candidate—but Searchlight’s quantified and corroborated data disproved our impressions, and showed that the candidate had the strengths and culture alignment we needed. I’d say that about 5% of our hires were great candidates we would have turned down without Searchlight.”
— Harry Dannenbaum, Head of Recruiting @ Coda

Hiring teams use these predicted top-performer lists to quickly align on whether a candidate will make their existing team stronger. The predictions confirm “gut feel” or “spidey-senses,” validate decisions, and improve next-stage interviews. That’s because AI automatically identifies key areas of strength and opportunity—intelligence that can be used to refine questions and dig deeper with candidates into potential growth areas.

The best part? Surfacing candidates with data-backed predictive signals brings consistency and scalability to the hiring process—meaning repeated success in the quality of hiring decisions. It also reduces bias in various ways:

  • By focusing on soft skills, behaviors, and competencies rather than pedigree, AI identifies and includes talent that took non-traditional educational paths to get where they are today
  • By reducing “gut feel” through objective data, subjective interviewers with entrenched ways of thinking can’t unwittingly wield their biases
  • Underrepresented talent traditionally understate their accomplishments and abilities, but a corroborated assessment approach using former colleagues and managers helps elevate them
“We cut our time-to-fill in half with Searchlight. Interviews don’t tell us everything we need to know. Searchlight gives us insight from managers and peers about what makes a person stand out on a team, and what their motivations and management style are.”
— Brandon Jackson, Technical Recruiting Manager @ B-Stock
“The Customer Success hires we made with Searchlight were by far the strongest people we hired in two years of recruiting for our team. This success created demand for Searchlight in other departments across the business.”
— Chad Herring, former Chief People Officer @ Snapdocs

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As we move along in this series of use cases for AI in hiring, we can’t help but feel like the case for AI just keeps getting stronger. Eliminating interviews, auto-filtering candidates, and now providing recommendations? These are the droids you’re looking for—no Jedi mind tricks needed here.  

Read the eBook now or wait for the next blog to learn about more ways AI can uplevel your hiring process. Or, if you’re already pretty much sold, book your Searchlight demo today.

Bhargav Brahmbhatt

Head of Marketing

Bhargav, our Head of Marketing, blends storytelling and customer empathy to drive business growth. Special flair for bringing new products to market.

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