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Find the top 1% of candidates efficiently by using AI to screen your candidates and predict your top hires at the start of your hiring funnel.

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Measurably improve hiring effectiveness and efficiency to ensure the right person in every role. Only with TRACY, the AI talent partner for hiring from Searchlight.


Hours saved per search

More accurate hiring decisions


Lower cost per hire


Faster time-to-fill

Tailor your hiring process for speed 
and quality — no compromises

TRACY from Searchlight is the AI that supports you across your whole hiring funnel and creates a learning loop that continuously raises your talent bar.

Applicant Screening

Screen hundreds of applicants
in seconds

Tap into bias-free AI that filters top applicants by relevant work experiences, hard skills, and soft skills. Save time choosing the best candidates while increasing your confidence, objectivity, and efficiency.

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“Searchlight makes me feel good that we’re digging into the signals that are most predictive for quality of hire. It’s taken a lot of guesswork out of our hiring.

Kenny Mendes
Head of People and Operations, Coda


Assess your candidates with fewer interviews

Use a 10-15 minute delightful survey to assess candidates for the skills and culture that predict high performance. Searchlight's assessments are validated by I/O science, based on predictive talent models by job family, and customizable to your organization's needs.

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“Searchlight's AI engine allows today's HR Leaders to build a reliable and predictive recruiting engine across roles and teams based on what success uniquely looks like at your company and in your culture.”

Jeff Diana
Chief People Officer, Calendly

Reference Checks

Automate reference checks and strike data gold

Turn hours of work into one click with Searchlight's reference checks. Get back predictive data on someone's skills, culture, and potential performance to help you hire faster, onboard better, and prevent mishires.

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“We can get candidates through the interview process 40% faster with Searchlight. Searchlight fixes the broken reference process, and our hiring managers call it their crystal ball for hiring.”

Elizabeth Shober Smith
VP Talent, Udemy

Quality of Hire

Measure and learn from your Quality of Hire

Start using Searchlight today to create executive-level QoH metrics that drive visibility on hiring quality and employee outcomes. Use our validated formula out-of-the-box, or configure it to your unique needs. Then, our software will measure it on autopilot.

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“Searchlight is my best partner: a comprehensive solution that operationalizes Quality of Hire and reduces employee attrition. After using Searchlight, we saw an almost immediate impact in recruiting efficiency.”
Ann Watson

Ann Watson
SVP of People and Culture, Verana Health


Brings it all together

AI powered by people science, customized to you

Start using Searchlight today to efficiently improve Quality of Hire in each of your talent evaluation processes. Use our validated formula out-of-the-box, or configure the formula to your unique business needs. Then, our AI will continuously measure and improve Quality of Hire.

Out of the box

People Science

• I/O Psychology
• Organizational
Behavioral Science
• Bias Auditing

Out of the box

Talent Intelligence

• Benchmarks by Job
• Skills Ontology
• Pre-trained on real hiring outcomes

Customized to you

Organization Data

Customized to you

Quality of Hire


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