Make the best hire, not the safe hire

Searchlight reimagines reference checks so you can predict top performers and set them up for success

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Make the best hires

Augment your hiring panel with Searchlight's verified, gold-standard reference data. We assess candidate fit with your unique team to double the predictive validity of your interview process.

Hire faster

Searchlight shortens time-to-fill by 3-5 days and cuts manual phone calls out of your process by automating the process of gathering reference data.

Reduce Bias

Counteract prestige bias with a more equitable hiring practice and objective reference data. Using Searchlight, 80% of our partners have hired more top performers from underrepresented backgrounds.

Culture-focused companies are using Searchlight to build exceptional teams


My team is over the moon. Searchlight cut a 4 week hiring cycle in half, while ensuring that we hire great and hire fast.

Scott Morgan, Senior Recruiter, Wonderschool

Searchlight is great. I optimize my own time, increase confidence in hires, and set up custom onboarding plans.”

Anupreet Walia, Head of Engineering, Snapdocs

Reference calls are a broken process. Searchlight fixes this in a way that empowers my hiring managers as we scale.”

Elizabeth Shober, Sr Director Talent, Udemy

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Make the best hires

De-risk your hiring

Verified, normalized, third-party data

100% of our customers say that Searchlight reference data is higher quality than a typical reference call.

Gold standard questions based on organizational psychology

89% of non-regrettable attrition is caused by soft skills mis-match. Searchlight leverages past performance data to ensure a team-skills match for every hire.

Hire people who will stay

Set new hires up for success from day one with advice from their prior managers on superpowers and coachable areas.

hire faster

Fill open roles 30% faster

Automate, streamline, and standardize your reference process

85% of Searchlight references are completed within 3 days. Click a button, receive references, no phone tag.

Identify top performers early

Searchlight analytics surface the most promising candidates for your unique team so you know where to focus.

Increase on-site-to-close rates

Take the guesswork out of hiring and optimize your team’s onsite interview time with the right candidates.

Improve Diversity & Inclusion

Cut bias out of your process

Assess candidates beyond credentials and resume

Searchlight candidate composites provide a 3D picture of every candidate.

Use past performance to advocate for nontraditional backgrounds

Searchlight helps translate skills between roles so you can make confidently make hires from underrepresented backgrounds.

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why hiring teams love searchlight

Full-service platform to augment your processes

ATS Integrations

Searchlight integrates with your ATS system for one-click initiation and one consolidated source of truth.

DATA & PRIVACY Compliant

Searchlight is compliant with all major data laws including GDPR and Cal Privacy Act.

Reporting & analytics

Stay on track with your recruiting goals with our reporting dashboards and predictive analytics.

automated workflow

Searchlight cuts delays out of your hiring process by automating away scheduling, emails, followups, and data consolidation.

Customized insights

Searchlight’s reference questions are tailored to team-specific recruiting goals and strategic priorities.

on-brand candidate and reference experiences

Searchlight's modern interface creates positive impressions with candidates and references alike to promote your employer brand.

candidate testimonials

What I loved about Searchlight was how supportive the whole process was. They helped advocate for the real me.

Rosalind B, Software Engineer