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Searchlight’s AI software will tell you what great looks like in every role, and give you a North Star for hiring and development. Take action today to improve hiring efficiency and maximize the performance of your people.

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Improvement in first-year retention


Faster time to productivity


More accurate hiring decisions


Faster time-to-fill

Quantifiable Business Impact

Measurably improve hiring effectiveness and efficiency to put a great hire in every seat.

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Organizations are in the dark about what predicts high performance on their teams.

Siloed data

Incomplete data

Inexperienced managers

Herd mentality

Gut feelings and anecdotes

Bias and subjectivity


Searchlight connects the dots in your pre-hire and post-hire data to give you the answers you need for better hiring and development.

Pre-hire Input Data

Post-hire Success Metrics

Attract, engage, and hire the right talent

Motivate them to stay longer and refer the best

Continually grow our best talent

Enable them to do their best work

More High Performers

Fix Backfills

Stronger Culture

Efficient Hiring

Longer Retention

Know what great looks like in every role

Searchlight's AI and software suite gives you the golden keys to building a winning organization

Intuitive, configurable formula for Quality of Hire

Start measuring QoH today to create executive-level visibility on hiring quality and employee outcomes. Searchlight’s implementation team can consult & configure the formula to your unique needs.

“Searchlight is a comprehensive solution that operationalizes Quality of Hire so we hire the right people, faster. I now report Quality of Hire to the board.”

Ann Watson
SVP of People and Culture, Verana Health

Map the predictive traits of your high performers

Get a data-backed Talent Model for every job at your company, with accuracy and nuance that usually requires a I/O degree. Quantify the cultures of your teams, the strengths that drive performance, and the growth areas that still need to be developed.

“Searchlight’s AI engine allows today's HR Leaders to build a reliable and predictive recruiting engine across roles and teams based on what success uniquely looks like at your company and in your culture.”

Jeff Diana
Chief People Officer, Calendly

Hire efficiently & reduce cost per hire

Searchlight provides actionable trends on backgrounds and behaviors of your high performers. Efficiently target your talent attraction and engagement efforts at the front of the recruiting lifecycle, and focus your selection process on the behaviors and skills that drive performance.

“Searchlight makes me feel good that we’re digging into the signals that are most predictive for quality of hire. It’s taken a lot of guesswork out of our hiring.”

Kenny Mendes
Head of People and Operations, Coda

Hire accurately & reduce mishires

Improve the effectiveness of your hiring process today. Searchlight’s suite of tools connect predictive traits to Interview Plan Templates, Reference Checks, Candidate Assessments, and Onboarding Guides.

“With Searchlight, we’ve created a hiring system in one quarter that generated more than $3M in increased revenue, 3x faster time-to-productivity, and higher quality of hire.”

Chad Herring
Chief People Officer, Snapdocs

For org leaders who mean business

Scale programs to hire and develop great talent so that you can achieve more by helping your people be their best

Shauna Geraghty, SVP of Global People and Talent

Uses Searchlight to implement predictive hiring that brings in talent with the same competencies she uses for onboarding and continual employee development

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“Searchlight has become the foundation of our talent analytics framework that finally bridges the gap between pre- and post-hire data to improve quality of hire. From a company standpoint, I can finally gain prescriptive hiring insights that improve outcomes for my recruiters, managers, and company’s bottom line.”

Shauna Geraghty
SVP of Global People and Talent

Adrian Russo, VP of Talent Acquisition

Uses Searchlight to optimize his recruiting engine to hire faster and easier, with fewer backfills

More Customer Stories

"Searchlight helps me see blindspots. We use Searchlight not only to streamline our hiring, but also to customize launch plans to focus on growth areas. When Searchlight flagged a focus area, like Communication, we would stress that during the onboarding period. Doing this across the board led to low turnover rates and high quality.After working directly with the CTO, Head of Product, Head of Sales we expanded the usage of Searchlight across the business.”

Adrian RussoVP of Talent Acquisition
Swish Analytics, formerly Caribou

Wade Foster, Founder & CEO

Uses Searchlight to build a strong culture and productive team with the right skills he needs to propel the business towards ambitious goals

More Customer Stories

"Searchlight has transformed the way we evaluate candidates and measure post-hire outcomes. By introducing behavioral data to our hiring processes, we can measure and improve on quality of hire, a metric critical to our retention strategy. I'm proud that we've built a more equitable and inclusive hiring experience using Searchlight."

Wade FosterCEO

Heather Weidekamp, People & Talent Operations

Partners with Searchlight to implement an intuitive, all-in-one solution to Quality of Hire and report on hiring quality to the Board

More Customer Stories

“Searchlight was extremely easy to implement, integrating into our existing systems with a few clicks. It felt seamless to add Searchlight into our existing process to operationalize Quality of Hire.”

Heather WeidekampPeople & Culture Operations
Verana Health

Powerful & easy to implement

How it works in 1 - 2 - 3

Connect Existing Systems and Collect Searchlight's Unique Data

Software built for you and your unique organization. Pull in your data and patch in ours to take a deeper look at soft skills, behaviors, and competencies. Get insights on Day 1.

Progress lineAggregate Data, Your Systems and OursOur AI maps your organization and creates Talent Models

Our AI maps your organization and tells you what great looks like in every role

Quantify the soft skills, competencies, and culture that predict high performance in your organization.

Get the most out of your people

Take action on attracting, hiring, onboarding, and developing your talent through Searchlight's product suite, or integrate the data back into tools you already use.

Turn Insights into Action Plans for recruiting and development

Fully Compliant and Integrated

We're SOC II Type 2 Compliant and GDPR Compliant and integrated with the tools you already love to use. We've got you covered so that you can focus on making the best talent decisions.

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Equitable and Fair is in our DNA

Our software is continually audited to have zero adverse impact. Backed by behavioral science, our ethical AI predicts performance and retention better than traditional interview processes. We have a 75+ CSAT score with delightful user experiences to help each candidate tell their talent story.

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