Leverage Quality of Hire to predict better hires

Improve Quality of Hire with an AI-powered learning loop that continuously detects patterns among your top hires to improve your hiring process

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Make each new hire better than the last

Measure Quality of Hire on Autopilot

Automatically survey new hires and their managers in the first 90 to 180 days to measure Quality of Hire.

Our post-hire assessments not only measure Quality of Hire but also surface the exact behaviors, skills, and culture traits that differentiate top hires.


Validate that you are hiring top talent

Verify whether each new hire meets or exceeds your talent bar and understand why.

Get rich insights on Quality of Hire across all your teams, hiring managers, and geographies, so you know exactly where new hires are thriving and not.


Improve how you hire with an AI-powered learning loop

Continuously raise your talent bar by doubling down on what works and removing what does not.

Over time, our Quality of Hire data will generate custom Talent Profiles based on the behaviors, skills, and culture traits of your highest performers that you can then use to inform your next hiring decisions.

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The Definitive Guide to Quality of Hire

Searchlight's guide reflects learnings and insights from 100+ people and talent leaders.

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Automated measurement

Simplify how to measure and define Quality of Hire

"Whereas before we may easily spend a year or more gathering talent data, Searchlight helped us complete those steps 80% faster. Searchlight's software and analytics is a game-changer. It replaced having to search through resumes, LinkedIn profiles, interview notes, completed 360s, structured interviews, exit survey data, and ADP data"


Chad Herring
Chief People Officer

Save time by automating Quality of Hire measurement

Measure Quality of Hire through automated surveys sent to both the new hire and their manager to get a real-time pulse on the new hire's first 90 to 180 days.

Align your organization on a single definition of Quality of Hire

Establish a common, organization-wide understanding of what Quality of Hire is, so you can foster consistency and alignment on hiring standards. For specific teams, customize our standard formula to bring added nuance and insight.

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Validate hiring decisions

Ensure hiring excellence in every new hire

"Searchlight is my best partner: a comprehensive solution that operationalizes Quality of Hire so we hire the right people, faster. I get quantified data on our hiring quality across departments, recruiters, and hiring managers. This data allows me and my team to take action across the employee lifecycle, from how we scope new roles to how we interview to how we onboard.”

Ann Watson
Chief People Officer

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Make each new hire better than the last

Equip recruiters and hiring managers with data on hiring successes and areas for improvement to create a more informed and effective approach towards recruiting.

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Track and analyze Quality of Hire trends over time

Gain detailed insights into the Quality of Hire for each team, manager, and region over time, providing a clear picture of where hiring is excelling and where hiring may need improvement.

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AI-Powered Learning Loop

Talent Kaizen:
Kudos for you.
AI for your team.
Zen for your org.

"Knowing the skills and cultural traits that make someone successful can turbo-charge an employee's impact on the organization from day one. We used the focus areas highlighted by Searchlight, like Communication, as focus areas during onboarding. Doing this across the board led to low turnover rates and higher performance."


Adrian Russo
‍VP, Talent Acquisition

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Evolve hiring standards and processes alongside the changing needs of your organization

Continuously refine and elevate your talent bar by identifying successful hiring patterns and eliminating ineffective practices. Each new hire informs our AI to identify what great looks like at your organization.


Create a data-backed, repeatable hiring process with Talent Profiles that reflect your company's DNA

Utilize Quality of Hire data to create Talent Profiles for every job that mirror the attributes of your highest performers to guide future hiring. Conversely, identify growth areas common among low performers to avoid in future candidates.

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How It Works

Once you connect your data, automate how you measure and improve Quality of Hire.

Determine how Quality of Hire will be measured

Start quickly with our tried-and-tested, research-backed formula or configure your own Quality of Hire formula using custom performance metrics

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Easily Integrate your HRIS or Upload Employee Data

Just upload your team’s info or link with your HR system – we will organize your employee data, linking new hires with their managers and tracking important metadata like start dates, team/department, and region.

Send Personalized Surveys to all New Hires and their Managers for Real-Time Quality of Hire Measurement

Gather critical early insights with customizable post-hire assessments. Simply set the timing and choose from one of many templates to measure Quality of Hire from both the new hire and hiring manager's experience

Get Unparalleled Visibility into Quality of Hire

Use our extensive reporting to gain detailed insights into how each of your teams, hiring managers, and regions are performing across the entire company. Identify successful patterns and potential growth areas to improve Quality of Hire

Generate Data-Driven Talent Profiles

Develop detailed Talent Profiles based on the attributes of your most successful employees to guide future decisions. Analyze the common characteristics of your top performers and build hiring profiles, ensuring future recruits align with proven success traits.

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