A Winning Formula for Quality of Hire

Unify your talent data and automatically calculate Quality of Hire. Searchlight's prescriptive analytics helps our customers improve hiring quality and retention by 45%.

We help companies connect talent strategy to business outcomes


Searchlight’s data and actionable advice enables us to customize our sourcing, efficiently identify the best-matched candidates, and personalize how we bring them on board.

Whereas before we may easily spend a year or more gathering data, Searchlight helped us complete those steps 80% faster.

With Searchlight, we’ve created a system in one quarter that took more than one year at my previous company, saved $3M+ in recruiting costs, and generated $3M+ in increased revenue.

Searchlight is taking us well beyond predictive analytics into prescriptive analytics. Working with Searchlight's AI capabilities, we are able to run the entire suite that composes people analytics: descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive.
 Searchlight creates a virtuous cycle between great employee performance and great business performance that brings in more high performers.
Chad Herring
Chief People Officer, Snapdocs

Close the loop between recruiting and employee data

Searchlight's software not only centralizes your existing data with seamless ATS and HRIS integrations, but also unlocks new data sources and talent insights. Our behavioral reference data provides rich data on candidate competencies, working styles, strengths, and growth areas. And, Searchlight powers personalized onboarding experiences for new hire to jump-start performance and give hiring managers a deeper understanding of their new hire. 

Get prescriptive analytics on how to improve Quality of Hire

Our People Science engine connects recruiting inputs to post-hire employee outcomes. With Searchlight, you can learn from what the best-performing hiring managers and recruiters do to bring top talent into your organization and surface personalized success profiles for what candidates are most likely to be successful at your company.

Answer questions on overall hiring quality and retention

Use Searchlight's standardized Quality of Hire formula to shine a light on your hiring quality. See trends in hiring quality and retention across numerous filters, including departments, managers, geographies. Understand if the changes you're making to your recruiting and onboarding processes are having an impact on quality of hire. Benchmark your numbers against peer organizations.

Improve recruiting efficiency and win rates

Win competitive talent by targeting candidates and future high performers with precision. Searchlight helps you understand the profile of your high performers so you can customize your sourcing and recruiting efforts on factors like previous company size, location, years of experience, and behavioral profile.

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