Introducing Searchlight Applicant Screening

January 23, 2024

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Joseph Chang

Today, we’re thrilled to announce Searchlight Applicant Screening, a state-of-the-art applicant screening tool designed to transform the way companies like yours approach talent acquisition.

Elevating your hiring game with AI-powered precision

In the ever-evolving world of talent acquisition, staying ahead means embracing technology that not only speeds up processes but also enhances decision-making. Our new applicant screening tool does just that. It's an AI-powered solution crafted to address the unique challenges faced by talent teams, especially in organizations hiring across multiple departments.

You can jump right in with this interactive demo to see it for yourself!

Why we created this tool

Talent acquisition professionals struggle with the demands of high-volume recruitment. Screening resumes is a time-consuming process, and recruiters have a hard time sifting through hundreds of resumes for each role. In this economy where some talent acquisition teams were affected by layoffs, that pain is amplified. Strapped talent acquisition teams are more limited than ever, even amidst more application volume. 

The need for a tool that can rapidly parse through a multitude of applications, assess diverse skill sets, and ensure alignment with company culture has never been more critical. Imagine being able to find the top applicants from a stack of a hundred or a thousand resumes based on key hiring criteria that, for the first time, can include soft skills in addition to traditional requirements.

What sets Applicant Screening apart

Using AI to filter through resumes isn’t a novel concept, especially with the rise of generative AI tools. In fact, many ATSs already include features that let recruiters use natural language to describe what they’re looking for, and the AI then searches the applicant pool. While that’s marginally helpful to save time, it’s little more than a fancy way to filter—like recruiters have always done. And what’s more, it can leave a lot up to subjectivity from each recruiter, including implicit biases that they might not even know exist!

Instead, Searchlight Applicant Screening uses AI to objectively rank candidates based on a set of input criteria. The AI looks at things like years of experience, location, and hard skills that recruiters already look for in a resume, but it also looks at soft skills. Instead of filtering to a set of candidates you still have to have to manually review, the AI recommends a top set of candidates and tells you why it picked those out of all your applicants. Save time, get more accurate, get more objective.

Denver is a recommended candidate! See why he's recommended, and decide on next steps.

Let’s break it down to what Searchlight Applicant Screening brings to your organization:

  • Unparalleled efficiency: Utilizing the latest in AI technology, our tool significantly reduces the time spent on manual screening, allowing your team to focus on engaging with the most promising candidates. Let AI screen hundreds of resumes in seconds and recommend your top applicants alongside a detailed explanation of why they were chosen—it’s a recruiter’s best friend at the top of the hiring funnel.
  • Objective and accurate: Powered by an AI that allows you to be 4x more accurate in your hiring decisions, it’s easier than ever for recruiters to find the best applicants in the pool. With hundreds of thousands of roles evaluated over five years, the AI is trained to understand what ‘good’ looks like across different roles and industries—and bring that insight to you and your recruiting team.
  • Hiring partner, not recruiter replacement: Recruiters provide the human touch that an AI just can’t. And the AI is designed to allow for humans to stay in the mix when making recommendations. You’re not just trusting an AI to tell you what’s good or not, you’re letting it make your life easier while retaining control over the final decision. At the end of the day, recruiters can get back to being strategic hiring partners and working with candidates instead of manually screening hundreds of resumes.
  • Adaptable to diverse roles: Whether it's screening for specialized technical positions or finding the perfect fit for blue-collar jobs, our tool adapts to different job requirements with ease. 
  • Seamless integration: Designed to integrate flawlessly with your existing HR systems, this tool ensures a smooth and streamlined talent acquisition process. Get all your applications in your ATS, and let Searchlight filter that list down to your top applicants.

Real results, real impact

We believe in not just promising but delivering. Early adopters of Applicant Screening have already seen remarkable improvements in their hiring processes:

  • Reduction in time-to-hire: Dramatically cuts down screening time, speeding up the overall hiring process. With the potential to fill roles 40% faster, the impact is profound. On average, recruiters can reclaim approximately 21 hours per search and enjoy a monthly time savings of 40 hours per recruiter.
  • Enhanced quality of hire: AI-driven insights mean better matches based on skills, experience, and cultural alignment. 4x better, in fact.
  • Operational efficiency: Talent teams can now allocate their time to strategic initiatives, significantly boosting productivity. Data-backed insights can help reduce the burden of interviews and even lower cost per hire by up to 20%.

How it works

Our tool uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze resumes and applications, extracting key information and matching it against the job requirements. It prioritizes candidates based on a multitude of factors, ensuring that you always have the best fit at the top of your list. To learn more, read this technical explainer in how our Applicant Screening AI works.

Exciting developments on the horizon: what's to come

While we're incredibly proud of our Applicant Screening, the innovation doesn't stop here! At Searchlight, we're continuously working to enhance our technology and bring even more value to your talent acquisition process. Here’s a sneak peek into what we have in store:

  1. Advanced Company Data Integration: We're developing capabilities to include more nuanced signals about employers and companies. This includes advanced firmographic data to recognize candidates' experience in relevant company stages, such as startups or Fortune 500 companies, and specific industries. This enhancement will allow for a more sophisticated understanding of candidates’ backgrounds, aligning their experience with your unique company needs.
  2. Career Trajectory Analysis: Our tool will soon be able to analyze resumes not just for skills and experience, but for indications of rapid career growth. We'll provide insights into candidates' promotion rates and career progression, helping you identify individuals who show exceptional potential.
  3. Enhanced Semantic Search and Advanced Filtering: Searching for candidates with specific backgrounds will become even easier. We’re enhancing our search capabilities to include semantic search and advanced filtering options. This means you’ll be able to precisely filter candidates based on specific companies, schools, backgrounds, or programs, ensuring you find exactly who you’re looking for.

These upcoming features are part of our commitment to making the recruitment process as efficient, insightful, and comprehensive as possible. At Searchlight, we believe in evolving with the needs of the talent acquisition community, and these enhancements are just the beginning of what we envision for the future of hiring.

Getting started with Applicant Screening

Embrace the future of talent acquisition with Searchlight Applicant Screening. To learn more about how our solution can revolutionize your hiring process, request a demo today.

Joseph Chang

Senior HR Tech Product Strategist and Consultant

Joseph, our Product leader, has over 10 years in HR tech, advising Fortune 500 teams. An educator and storyteller, he's also certified to teach yoga.

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