We’re committed to improving hiring through Ethical AI

At Searchlight, we believe building a diverse team and inclusive culture is win-win for candidates and organizations. The studies back this up — diverse teams financially outperform their peers by 36 percent (McKinsey reports on inclusion and diversity) and inclusive teams outperform their peers by 80 percent (Deloitte). But diversity isn’t a box to check, it’s a commitment to thinking about talent and non-traditional candidates in a new way. Using Ethical AI, we tie diversity initiatives to business outcomes at every part of the hiring process.

Searchlight’s AI systems are assessed continually through internal data reporting and periodically through an independent 3rd party audit from legal, policy and technical experts in AI. With Searchlight, you can be confident that your hiring process will be less biased, more effective, and compliant with current and upcoming laws and regulation.

"At Searchlight, we’ve built our AI on the same ethical AI principles I taught at Stanford. We’re committed to building an inclusive data pipeline, connecting recruiting data to real outcomes, and transparently sharing our heuristics wherever possible."

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Anna wang

Anna WangCTO and Co-Founder, Searchlight
Past Stanford AI lecturer

Building a fair, ethical system

Searchlight takes a principled approach to developing Ethical AI so your company is able to mitigate bias in hiring, while bringing transparency and data to the hiring process.

Effectiveness and Safety  🚧

AI systems are developed and used in a way that benefits humans and does not harm them

Fairness and Non-discrimination ⚖️

AI systems should not disadvantage any group of people

Transparency and Accountability 🔎

People should be able to understand why the AI makes the decisions it does

Privacy and Data Protection 🔒

AI should respect people’s privacy and only collect and use data that is necessary for the intended purpose

NYC Law 144 Compliant

Searchlight is proud to be a leading company in Ethical AI. We are audited by experts in AI to meet NYC Law 144's Bias Audit standards, even though we are not an AEDT.

"We use Searchlight to convince hiring managers to not just hire one archetype of person. Searchlight's ability to highlight a candidate's behaviors is an effective way to reduce bias for risk-averse hiring managers. Instead of us spending personal capital to convince them to hire a diverse candidate, we use Searchlight to prove that the candidate is exactly the same from a behavior standpoint. They’re just not the same from a resume and past experience perspective."

Ann Watson

Ann Watson

SVP People & Culture

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"I'm proud that we've built a more equitable and inclusive hiring experience using Searchlight. Searchlight has transformed the way we evaluate candidates and measure post-hire outcomes. By introducing behavioral data to our hiring processes, we can measure and improve on quality of hire, a metric critical to our retention strategy."


Wade Foster

CEO & Founder

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We're proud to help underrepresented talent and career changers

"I am so so grateful to have been introduced to Searchlight as a candidate. In the past, I’ve been blocked from jobs based on incorrect assumptions about my background. Going forward, I will come to every opportunity armed with the references that can best speak to who I am and how I work."

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"I’ve done 12 final round interviews. Every time, I’ve made it to the end only to lose out to someone the hiring manager knew or a referred candidate. If I had Searchlight earlier, I think it would have increased their trust in me and led them to a different decision."

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"Every time I’ve gotten a job, it’s been from a referral. Searchlight harnesses the power of my references to help me break into new industries outside of my network."

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"As someone who’s made a career transition, Searchlight helped me make the best case that I have what it takes to succeed in this new role. Thanks Searchlight!"

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