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"I will never not have Searchlight. Good insights that drive decisions and support information we get from interviews."

Cara Brennan

Cara Brennan Allamano
SVP People, Udemy

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"Searchlight has made hiring more objective and data-driven, while helping us identify misalignment between candidate skills and our needs."

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Consumer Goods / Services
100-200 employees

Garret Seevers

VP of Marketing, B-Stock

"Searchlight helps me see blindspots. We use Searchlight not only to streamline our hiring, but also to customize launch plans to focus on growth areas. Doing this across the board led to low turnover rates and higher Quality of Hire. After sharing Searchlight data with the CTO, Head of Product, Head of Sales we expanded the usage of Searchlight across the business.”

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Consumer Goods / Services
200-500 employees

Adrian Russo

VP of Talent Acquisition

"Searchlight makes me feel good that we’re digging into the signals that are most predictive for Quality of Hire. It’s taken a lot of guesswork out of our hiring."

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200-500 employees

Kenny Mendes

Head of People & Operations, Coda

"We’re bringing better people into our company using Searchlight by screening for critical soft skills. When looking at talent that was hired with Searchlight vs. talent that wasn’t hired through Searchlight, I've noticed that the teams that hire with Searchlight have better Quality of Hire."

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500-1,000 employees

Daisy Chu

Head of People Operations

“Searchlight helps us understand at a new level how to identify our highest potential candidates and the behaviors that drive high performance. The software significantly improves our ability to stop turnover.”

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Industrial & Automotive Services
200-500 employees

Joe Dougherty


"We had to switch from our previous reference tool and onboard our team quickly. After only one learning session about Searchlight, I could tell that our team was very excited to use it. I got great feedback from the team about Searchlight features that our old tool didn't have. Highlights about Searchlight were the automation and ease of using it, and the visuals of the product appear modern and technical. Plus, the Searchlight team has been amazing to work with. Quick, responsive and open to feedback. They clearly care about their customers and want to set us up for success."

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1,000+ employees

Jenna Lai

Sr. Recruiting Operations Specialist

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