B-Stock Uses Searchlight’s Behavioral Data to Decrease Time to Fill by 40%

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Belmont, CA


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100-200 employees

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B-Stock is a 200+ person company that powers online auctions for businesses of all sizes, helping them sell and buy customer returns, overstock, and other excess merchandise.


Searchlight helped B-Stock transform their internal hiring processes around references and unlock a more holistic view of candidates using behavioral data insights. After just six months of using Searchlight, B-Stock reduced 90-day attrition and misalignment rates. Its customer service team made eight successful hires in six weeks and immediately improved its average pre-employment rate. And, the candidates gave positive feedback on their Searchlight experience, so B-Stock rolled out the platform for all positions – including leadership roles.

Key Wins

Results with Searchlight:

  • Codified a personalized and people-centered Candidate Experience
  • Improved time to fill for the Customer Success role by 40%+ (70-140 days to under 42 days)
  • Ramped new hires faster with Searchlight’s behavioral data insights
  • Reduced 90-day attrition and misalignment rates

"Searchlight helps us validate the information we get from our interviews and root our hiring decisions in truth. The manager and team can understand who this person is and how they can fit into our environment."

Sierra Smith

Human Resources Director


Garret Seevers, VP of Marketing at B-Stock, was introduced to Searchlight when a former colleague invited him to share his reference feedback via Searchlight for a new job opportunity. The reference experience was so impressive, he decided that B-Stock could benefit from this new approach to making references more consistent.


B-Stock's hiring process was slow because they were losing candidates at the offer stage to competitive companies. The hires that they brought onto the team had inconsistent success rates in the first 90 days, and they experienced more first-year attrition than they were satisfied with. Their hypothesis was that hiring candidates that were more culturally aligned to the company and had the right behaviors would lead to stronger engagement, culture alignment, and performance.

"Searchlight has made hiring more objective and data-driven, while helping us identify misalignment between candidate skills and our needs."

Garret Seevers

VP of Marketing, B-Stock


Using Searchlight, B-Stock was able to assess candidates on behavioral fit and transform their internal hiring processes around references. Manual reference calls usually took multiple days to complete, but Searchlight returned the rich data reports within 1.5 days with no work required from the team.

In fact, B-Stock’s hiring managers were beating recruiters to the Searchlight reports and proactively prompting their team to take a closer look at candidates based on Searchlight’s conclusions on strengths, culture alignment, career interests, and growth areas. They quickly realized that Searchlight provided accurate notes, confirming their “spideysenses” about candidates they were uncertain about.

Hiring managers love how Searchlight automatically identified areas of strength and opportunities, guiding them where to look deeper. Searchlight’s automatic summarization of key areas to dig deeper into with a candidate was one of their favorite features. Not only were hiring managers making decisions faster and more confidently, but they were also finding the candidates that were most aligned to B-Stock.

On Garret’s marketing team, Searchlight helped identify misalignment based on the information in the data reports. He credited Searchlight’s ability to corroborate details on a candidate’s strengths and gaps from multiple references as an invaluable part of his decision-making process.

Beyond just making hiring decisions, B-Stock’s managers started to rely on Searchlight’s behavioral insights to ramp new hires faster and set them up for success. “We were amazed that the information on soft skills was accurate and showed up on the job,” Garret said. Managers tuned their onboarding plans to the reference feedback and employees stayed longer in previously high-turnover roles.

"We cut our time to fill in half and I’m not sure we would’ve been able to onboard all our hires in the necessary, timely fashion without Searchlight. Interviews don’t tell us everything we need to know. Searchlight gives us insight from managers and peers about what makes this person standout on a team and what their motivations and management style is."

Brandon Jackson

Senior Technical Recruiter

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