AI in Hiring, Use Case #1: Use Behavioral Data to Eliminate an Interview

December 19, 2023

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Bhargav Brahmbhatt

Revolutionizing how we make hiring decisions means looking beyond the often-unhelpful resume and beyond hard skills to behaviors, competencies, and working styles that have empirically proven to correlate to job performance and employee satisfaction. These are signals that hiring teams don’t always know to look for—let alone how to look for. 

For the first time ever, AI allows teams to quantify culture alignment (soft skills, attitudes, working styles) by putting a structure and a language around their company’s unique culture, then unlocking a more holistic view of their candidates using behavioral data insights. This can eliminate an entire culture interview, since data takes the guesswork out when it comes to cultural alignment. 

AI can automatically predict the job family and level of a given open role and offers predictive criteria indicative of a top-performing candidate for that role. TRACY from Searchlight is one of these AIs, the result of decades of research in industrial and organizational psychology and behavioral science, and has been trained on hundreds of thousands of post-hire outcomes to uncover what distinguishes top performers from average performers.

Integrating seamlessly into your existing ATS and HRIS, TRACY structures and quantifies your unique organizational culture so that candidates can be meticulously evaluated for cultural alignment. It assesses your current team, generates behavioral profiles, and surfaces the traits and attributes (e.g., fast learner, results-driven, strategic thinking, resourcefulness, intuition) that distinguish your highest-performing employees. These are the predictive characteristics you’ll look for in candidates since they’re the strengths most highly correlated to performance at your organization.

The AI offers a Predictive Talent Model unique to every role’s fingerprint. With that model, teams can:

  • Auto-generate candidate scorecards with the attributes most correlated to high performance
  • Auto-calibrate reference checks in Searchlight to assess for those qualities 
  • Use the surfaced attributes of high performers in your organization—along with AI—to refine hiring criteria and generate job requisitions, job descriptions, and interview guides that bring in higher-quality candidates from the get-go 
  • Uncover what qualities make your organization successful (maybe it’s critical thinking rather than pedigree!) and replicate them to create a high-performing, diverse, and equitable culture
  • Cut down on interviewer time. AI means fewer, more effective interviews. With cultural alignment covered, hiring teams can focus their skills-based interviews on key candidate strengths and growth areas, which AI also surfaces

TRACY’s Talent Model continues to be trained with every new candidate, hiring decision, and performance metric it processes—which means that with each new data point, AI has a more refined view of your organization’s cultural DNA, and what your most successful candidates will embody. 

“We’re now digging into the signals that are most predictive for quality of hire. Searchlight has taken a lot of guesswork out of our hiring.”
- Kenny Mendes, Head of People & Operations @ Coda

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Bhargav Brahmbhatt

Head of Marketing

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