Searchlight Is Joining Multiverse

April 8, 2024

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Kerry and Anna Wang

Today, we’re excited to announce an incredible milestone: Searchlight has been acquired by Multiverse.

Our Journey To Date

Six years ago, we founded Searchlight to help companies better understand talent and people land meaningful jobs. Since then, we’ve helped tens of thousands of candidates get hired and global companies of all sizes and industries build great teams. We became leaders in using Artificial Intelligence to streamline hiring and workforce development. We built custom data pipelines and ethical AI models that understand talent and evaluate skills better than traditional hiring techniques, up to 4x better! And of course, we became a big part of our community, proud to support our fellow TA and HR professionals, sponsor community events, and partner with new communities to get off the ground.

We’ve worked hard to create a more equitable world where more people can thrive at work, businesses are successful to drive the economy forward, and families have upward economic opportunity.

Entering the Multiverse

We got to know the Multiverse team over the past few months, and it became clear that joining forces with Multiverse would perfectly align with our goals and propel our efforts forward. We are very impressed by the strength of Multiverse’s business and the values alignment between our two teams.

Multiverse is a new tech-first institution that combines work and learning to deliver equitable access to economic opportunity for everyone. The company is working with more than 1,000 businesses including Microsoft, Citi and KPMG - to close their critical skill gaps through a new kind of apprenticeship, harnessing the best of human-centered coaching, AI and tech to deliver an approach to learning that’s measured, applied, guided and equitable.

Founder and CEO of Multiverse, Euan Blair, said: 

"After meeting Anna and Kerry and digging into the Searchlight product, I was really excited at how they were using AI to spot patterns and identify skilling solutions both within and outside of the workforce. Most companies are on a journey of tech transformation and they want to do it in a way that is both equitable and effective. What often holds them back is the gap between the transformation they want to see, and the skills that will unlock it.

“Searchlight’s AI, platform, and exceptional talent will allow us to better diagnose the skills needed within companies and deliver impactful solutions. Combining our scale and world-class learning with Searchlight’s technology and team will ensure even more companies and individuals benefit."

Going Forward

Merging Searchlight’s existing AI and skills expertise with Multiverse’s rich data offers an unparalleled opportunity to be the leader in using AI for skills development. We see this moment as an inflection point and are so excited to continue building.

Searchlight Board Director Keith Rabois said:

"From the start, Anna and Kerry have been thoughtful about building Searchlight’s AI models to complement their vision. Searchlight's differentiated technology is a magnet for innovative companies like Multiverse. I am excited by the upside of this acquisition for Searchlight and Multiverse.”

Operationally, we will continue to service our customers for the duration of their contracts and look forward to finding opportunities to introduce them to the broader Multiverse platform. We’ve reached out to all our customers to support in this transition. Our Searchlight team will be joining Multiverse to integrate our technology and accelerate Multiverse’s roadmap around AI and skills intelligence. Kerry is joining Multiverse as Director of Product and Anna is joining as Head of AI.

As we move into this next chapter, we are deeply grateful to the community that has helped us reach this milestone. We want to thank our Searchlighters (past and present), customers, advisors, and investors for betting on us. A special thank you to our lead investors Keith Rabois, Founders Fund, Dan Levine at Accel, and Jared Friedman at Y Combinator for working closely alongside us in our founder journey and acquisition process. And thank you Multiverse for welcoming us so warmly.

Thank you all, and hope everyone we’ve worked with will stay in touch as we continue our mission under the Multiverse banner.


Kerry and Anna Wang

Co-Founders of Searchlight

Kerry Wang, CEO, and Anna Wang, CTO, founded Searchlight in 2018. As twin sisters who not only look similar in person but also on paper with experiences at Stanford, Google, and McKinsey, they were motivated to create a world where people are understood for their unique skills and matched to the right companies. The Stanford graduates started their journey with Y Combinator, and have since been recognized by Forbes 30 under 30 and raised funding from venture capital funds Founders Fund and Accel.

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