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I just provided a reference check for a prior colleague with Searchlight. Instead of playing phone tag and answering bad questions, I filled out a simple survey with great reference questions. The sample report shows rich behavioral data that can help us make sure we're hiring the right people. Can we bring Searchlight to our team?

What hiring managers have said about Searchlight

"Searchlight is the highest ROI in my hiring toolkit. The data is exceptionally useful to discuss during recruiting debriefs. Searchlight broadens our perspective on candidates so we make confident hiring decisions."

Chuong (Tom) Do

VP, Engineering, Data @ Udemy

With Searchlight, our managers instantly know a couple of areas where they can coach a new hire from the get go, and the other areas where we can leverage that person’s strength from the start. We can paint a more accurate picture of the qualities of our high performers.”

David Wiedeman

VP Commercial Sales @ Udemy

"Searchlight just works out-of-the-box and it’s not just a reference check. I love to have Searchlight’s information before proceeding with a candidate, as opposed to after hiring them. It gives me information about how to set someone up for success."

Bruno Miranda

SVP, Engineering @ Doximity

"Searchlight has made hiring more objective and data-driven, while helping us identify misalignment between candidate skills and our needs."

Garret Seevers

VP, Marketing @ BStock

How Searchlight works

One click to invite your candidates

Invite candidates from your ATS, or directly in Searchlight with their emails. On average, you'll get 3 reference checks done in 36 hours.

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Candidates accept their invite

To start the Searchlight process, candidates add their prior work experiences.

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Candidates add reference information and Searchlight handles the rest

Searchlight handles sending invites to the references and automates reminders. We’ll keep you and your candidates in the loop.

Once references complete Searchlight once, they can share the data in the future. Most of the data is confidential, except for 1-2 questions that references can choose to make public.

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References Submit Surveys

Over 90% submit within 24 hours, even on weekends.
They take our 10 minute survey online, web or mobile.

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You receive a beautiful reference report

Searchlight quantifies the intangibles to deliver a standard that hiring managers can count on to make confident hiring decisions in less time.

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