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Hey there! I just provided a hiring reference for an old colleague using Searchlight References. Instead of calling and spending a week gathering references, I filled out a simple informative survey that generates rich behavioral data so teams can be confident they’re hiring the right person. Can we bring this to our team? Here’s an example of what a candidate report looks like.

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With Searchlight, our managers instantly know a couple of areas where they can coach a new hire from the get go, and the other areas where we can leverage that person’s strength from the start. We can paint a more accurate picture of the qualities of our high performers.”

David Wiedeman

VP Commercial Sales @ Udemy

"Searchlight just works out-of-the-box and it’s not just a reference check. I love to have Searchlight’s information before proceeding with a candidate, as opposed to after hiring them. It gives me information about how to set someone up for success."

Bruno Miranda

SVP, Engineering @ Doximity

"We grew from a team of 50 to 200+ with Searchlight. Searchlight reference checks are our ticket to hiring an all-star team. I love Searchlight for the hiring efficiencies, and also because their data is so powerful. Searchlight tells us how this person will be at the job in a much more predictive way than an interview can."

Natalie Gavello Disraeli

Head of Talent @ Persona

“[Searchlight References] provide some of the most predictive information we can get in the hiring process. Before Searchlight, I thought the only way to get this data was through interviews and by doing the reference calls myself. Now my whole executive team knows that Searchlight’s reference data is superior to what we used to get.

Kenny Mendes

Chief Operating Officer @ Coda

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