Hire even when you can’t meet face to face

In this new remote reality, teams still need to hire. Leverage Searchlight to understand behavioral competencies and team fit better than video interviews.

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“I love Searchlight. Hiring managers are wondering, 'Can I hire someone without physically seeing them in person?' Udemy's hiring isn’t slowing down, and Searchlight data is why we don’t have to meet them in person. After I interviewed someone virtually, I checked his Searchlight and it validated the signals I got.”

Fadi Hindi
Head of People Operations and Strategy, Udemy
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“Searchlight provides a baseline on a candidate that you normally would only get after 6 months of working with them."

Nick Bushak
Co-founder and CTO, Gem

"Searchlight frees up the recruiting team’s time to provide a better candidate experience, lead a more effective search, focus on finding the right candidates, and make sure our interviews are structured. It helps hiring managers be properly focused on more strategic work, diving deep into understanding their candidates."

Hanna Choi
Talent Partner, Sentry

Break the virtual barrier

When you can’t meet in person, it’s harder to build a relationship. Know your candidates through the people who’ve worked with them before. Searchlight turns their insights into actionable data that helps you better interview, build relationships, evaluate, and close.

Validate interview feedback

Adjusting to remote interviewing creates opportunities for bias. Gather more signal on competencies and behavioral fit to address concerns. Searchlight profiles help our customers validate interview feedback and make objective decisions, faster.

Stay calibrated with your team

Keep your distributed team in sync on the skills and behaviors you’re looking for. Searchlight creates benchmarks on your ideal candidate profile and ensures structured interviewing. Understand how each candidate adds to your team and culture.

Remote Hiring From The Front Lines: What’s Different Now?

"Searchlight really helps give us more data points, which is especially important, now more than ever.”

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Better Way to Hire

"I'm doing a 100% remote interview for the first time, and I was asked to submit Searchlight recommendations ahead of the interview.

Successful businesses cannot stop hiring, and they are going to have to switch to different mechanisms to build a holistic picture of candidates' capabilities and experiences.

Searchlight can be the standard in this new world we're living in.”

- Paul N.

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