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Searchlight's Employer Platform is the most powerful and frictionless asset across your hiring funnel.

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How it works:
Candidate Invitations

Employers send candidates a link or integrate Searchlight with their ATS. Onboarding takes minutes.

Candidate Experience

Candidates get an email to create an account. They easily invite references within minutes to submit their feedback on Searchlight.

Reference Experience

References submit their feedback online and on their own time.


Organized and complete candidate reports are available in a few days. Clean candidate overviews make it easy to get reference information at-a-glance.

Some additional features our employer partners love...

Position Details Screen

Custom position requirements

Tailor reference questions, set reference relationship requirements, and decide reference deadlines.

Ranked Candidates Screen

Sort candidates by reference results

See key summaries across the dimensions that matter most.

Question View Screen

View aggregated answers by question

What do your candidate's direct managers think? Easily filter responses to surface the data you want.

Candidates and their references love us

Just check our references.

What I loved about Searchlight was how supportive and self-explanatory the whole process was. From the invitation email to sending reference requests, it all took less than a minute.

Damian D. (candidate)

Searchlight was extremely easy to use. I’ve been used as a professional reference many times in my career and this was one of the best experiences I’ve had!

Chris A. (reference)

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