3 Tips for 2022 Planning: Increase recruiting capacity without additional resources

Need to hire more people next year? Here's how you can do that without hiring more recruiters.

Quick! You need to recruit a lot of people for your growing organization. But doesn’t it always seem like in order to effectively get additional resources you need a full team and arsenal of additional resources? It’s really an exhausting catch-22. That’s why we’ve created these 3 helpful tips to improve recruiting capacity—with the resources you already have:

1. Automate, automate, automate

Build an efficient recruiting tool stack that supports each stage of the hiring funnel. Our partners at Zapier wrote an amazing blog about their data driven tool stack, here are my recommendations: 

Full funnel dashboard or recruiting Business Intelligence (BI) tool → Gem/TalentWall

See recruiting pipeline effectiveness in the form of conversion rates in real time. Easily and quickly diagnose process deficiencies, course correct low productivity and reward high performers.

Top-of-Funnel (TOF)→ prospecting → Sourcing Platforms like LinkedIn/Gem

LinkedIn: Set sourcing criteria for any given position and let the tool source for you on a daily basis. Each day, come to a new pool of candidates to consider.

Gem: Set customized and highly engaging email nurture campaigns to attract candidates’ potential interest in having a conversation. One and done isn’t going to cut it.

Middle-of-Funnel (MOF) → assessment + selection → Talent Intelligence Platforms like Searchlight and ATS like Ashby/Greenhouse/Lever

Searchlight: Searchlight's talent intelligence helps your team identify top candidates with quantified data around soft skills, powered by references. You'll even cut down on interview time and decision fatigue because Searchlight's solution takes reference checks off your hands, and makes them actually useful for making hiring decisions.

ATS (e.g. Greenhouse): ATS will help you track where candidates are in your funnel and aggregate interview feedback.

Bottom-of-Funnel (BOF)→ offer + hire + onboarding → Talent Intelligence Platforms like Searchlight

Searchlight: Searchlight's software powers scalable onboarding program that have helped companies retain employees longer while also measuring quality-of-hire. Don't reinvent the wheel. Put gold standard onboarding surveys in place (automated with HRIS integrations of course) and keep a pulse on how well you're hiring so you can continue to improve your recruiting engine over time.

2. Look at the resources that you already have

Before kicking off a search to hire externally, look inside the company to hire. If the quality of hire has been properly determined/designated inside the company, then there’s likely a gold mine of internal candidates! First, look at employees that are on the promotion track and open the application process up to current employees. The benefit of an inside hire is that they already know the team and the business, they positively contribute to the company culture, and they will significantly mitigate the ramp-up time that’s required for an outside candidate.

An added plus is that offering employees the opportunity to apply before formally starting the search process externally shows team members that they are valued and supported in their career advancement. This in turn will increase employee engagement and reduce turnover. 

3. Leverage employees as recruiters

Good people know good people. Build an internal employer branding program and leverage the people in your company as recruiters by tapping into their digital networks. Provide employees with social copy and an engaging image—it doesn’t have to be professionally polished, and preferable that it’s not—and ask them to post it on their social media profiles. Doing so will increase chances of receiving applications from quality candidates and help build the talent pipeline.

That’s all there is to it. By setting up simple automations at each stage of the hiring funnel, looking inside the company to hire, and leveraging those amazing people you already work with, you just improved your overall recruiting capacity. Nice job!

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