Essential Soft Skills and Technical Skills for Remote Work

Alex Bouaziz, CEO of Deel, shares lessons from growing his remote team to 90+ in 2 years

Alex Bouaziz is the co-founder and CEO of Deel, a payroll platform for remote teams. Since launching the company in 2019, Alex has grown his team to 90+ spanning 25+ countries and is an expert in remote work.

As the world slowly returns to its usual pace, the pandemic that started last year has left its mark. Most tech companies have opted against returning to the office with their full capacity, and instead, they are experimenting with either staying entirely remote or implementing a hybrid model. Because of this, remote tech workers are very much in demand. However, it isn't always easy determining which candidate will contribute to your business the most. Take a look at this list of hard and soft skills that will help you employ the very best tech talent out there. 

Timeless soft skills for all remote tech workers

Although hard skills are keeping up with market changes, worldly events, and future inventions, soft skills are less variable. A couple of important ones will guarantee any tech worker a high-level performance, regardless of their environment and external circumstances. 


We cannot stress this enough! Working remotely is bound to have something lost in translation. Without face-to-face conversation, a lot can be left to interpretation. This is why a solid foundation in communication skills can do wonders for any tech worker. IT is an industry that isn't famous for having them, which is why any improvement can make a significant impact. 

Discipline & Motivation

Working alone, often in your home, and with a couple of unforeseen distractions has proven to be quite difficult for many during the pandemic. Most were keen on returning to the office simply because they weren't able to motivate themselves or to be disciplined. This is why any remote worker must work on these soft skills first in order to be productive. 

Since most tech assignments are done in cooperation with others, being able to pull your fair share could be paramount to your team. Making the entire project fall behind because of one person simply isn't acceptable. Luckily, discipline improves with practice, so you can work on this significant soft skill. 

Organizational skills

Working remotely can be a blessing and a curse, at least when it comes to the fact that you are usually responsible for managing your resources. This means your time, your assignments, your deadlines, but also your meals, your household chores, your family schedule, etc. Coordinating your work life and your personal life is the foundation of remote work. It may not seem so, but the way you manage all that's on your plate will make a big impact on your overall job performance. The inability to juggle all of this and still be entirely focused on the company and dedicated to its goals is only possible with tech workers with superb organizational skills. 

Hard skills on the rise in 2021

When it comes to determining the required hard skills, a lot of it depends on your company's core business. Which programming languages are you using? In which direction do you want to continue? What are you offering to clients, and what do you plan to deliver? Despite all of that, every company needs to keep up with the demanding market, especially when it comes to technology. LinkedIn's latest talent report has shed light on a couple of hard skills that are becoming relevant to remote tech workers. 


Well, this is hardly a surprise. Blockchain became known as the database behind Bitcoin, which is still growing in popularity. In case you aren't familiar with it, a blockchain is a specific type of database. It stores the data in blocks that are then chained together. A lot of different information can be stored, and the data is irreversible. Everything entered is recorded, and the control belongs to the collective and not the individual.

Database knowledge is essential to any tech worker, and mastering a new and popular one can be of great importance to any potential employer. 

Cloud computing

Back in the old days, people were very invested in preserving the integrity of their electronic devices, mostly because they contained their precious data, and they didn't want to lose it. However, any tech device now has become replaceable as new gadgets hit the shelves. This is why information is now stored on the clouds, where it can be easily reached at any time and from any advice. 

Using the cloud isn't an option anymore- it is a norm. Regardless of the environment and programming language you are using, as a tech worker, you should have vast knowledge and experience on this topic.

UX/UI design

Since customer orientation became part of every business model, UX/UI design has risen in popularity. It isn't enough to just design the interface; you have to do it having in mind the end customers. You should not only know what they want but also anticipate what they haven't even thought about. It's no wonder that this skill has become so vital nowadays when most of the interaction is done remotely.

Now, we must mention you don't necessarily need to have the role of a designer to benefit from this knowledge. Every tech worker participating in creating a product or a service would be able to contribute in a more useful way if they have the premise of UX/UI in the back of their head. 


Remote work has many benefits, but not everyone is productive in asynchronous, distributed work environments. Hiring for teammates that can thrive in remote work is business-critical. If you want to add more signal to your hiring process and hire more top performers, book a demo to learn more about Searchlight's platform for data-driven hiring.

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