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We’ve talked about the top and middle funnel. Now, let’s focus on the bottom of the funnel—arguably the most critical.  

Proceeding the middle-stage assessment and selection, the bottom of the funnel is for the offer and hiring of a candidate. If the following factors exist in the offer stage with a candidate, more likely than not, the candidate will decide not to accept the offer:

  • Scope of role is not aligned with the candidate’s experience.
  • Because of the above, the corresponding compensation is not aligned with the candidate’s target compensation.
  • The offer is more than just the numbers and position title. It’s about the opportunity (short term and long term) and the impact that someone will make in the company on both counts. It’s also deeply about whether or not the opportunity aligns with the candidate’s whole self.

We typically spend >30% of our time working. And let’s be honest: for a lot of us, it’s significantly more. At a fundamental level, candidates make the decision to join a company based on the monetary pieces of the package. However, they also largely base their decision on the following questions:

  • Am I passionate about what the company is creating?
  • Can I envision myself spending this amount of time working with this team?
  • Do I trust that my leadership and teammates create an environment that allows me to bring my whole self to work?

In the prior piece, we defined a candidate’s whole self as: technical and functional expertise + behavioral attributes and motivations. If we have data on behavioral attributes and motivations of a candidate, we can effectively articulate the offer to a candidate. The ideal formula looks like this:

Positioning an offer to candidate effectively = monetary (salary, benefits, perks, stock options, etc.) + title + how will I personally and professional be fulfilled if I accept this offer

So, if your company’s values, the compensation and occupational incentives align with a candidate’s values and perception of their whole self, you can effectively make an offer. See how Searchlight customer Coda helped streamline their hiring process using these same basic strategies. Ready to learn more about how to assess a candidate’s whole self so you can focus on selling the ones you want to hire? Schedule a demo to get started.

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